I am a huge believer in "don't ever let someone tell you can't do something." When I first started this journey, I was nineteen and broke. All of my paychecks went towards gas, my arthritic horse, cheap groceries and rent. I remember the exact moment when I decided that I was done being unhappy. I was the only one who could create the life I wanted to live. 
So I worked crazy hours at a news station. I quit jobs with toxic environments. I failed and I learned. I had a dream and I knew I needed to work hard to get it.
During all of that,  time flew by. My beloved childhood best friend, a horse named Babe, crossed the rainbow bridge when I was twenty-two.
For my senior photos, my mom's friend took some pictures of Babe and me. The only professional pics she and I have together. Today they mean more to me than anything. I only wish I would've printed more of them. 
While you're out chasing your dreams, remember that YOU deserve to be celebrated. Your relationship with your horse, your pets, your other half, your family... its a beautiful gift. My mission is to capture that for people and help them preserve it forever. 

a small town girl who's just a little bit obsessed with her dogs, her horses, and coffee.

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I also work in live event production! I worked as a director at a news station for 5 years before going full time with photography. Now I work part time for the University of Iowa at athletic events.

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I have two miniature dachshunds- Carver and Mila. I love ALL dogs but am extra obsessed with "hotdog dogs." There's a good chance they're sleeping next to me while I'm editing your photos. 

my beloved pups

My husband, Brandon, and I love to travel and we love live music. We take any chance we get to go to concerts, and explore the red dirt country and Americana music scene.

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Random tidbits about me

The first time I saw my heart horse, I hated her. Wanted NOTHING to do with her. Then one day she walked up to me in the pasture and my seven-year-old self decided to give her another chance. She was a black quarter horse/Arabian with the kindest eyes and a tiny little star on her head. Then we took on the world together. 

That horse owed me nothing, but gave me everything for 16 years. She carried me and all my weight through my fast changing childhood, my high school break-ups, and the challenges of early adulthood. She is no longer with us, but the memories are. Memories captured in images that hang throughout my home, including a giant framed print in my home office. Those photos provide me so much happiness on a daily basis, and now I want to create that same experience for other people.

IT STARTED with a little black horse.



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