Iowa Family Photography | Kahle and Grandpa Womochil on the farm

Kahle and his great grandpa, known as Papa 🙂

I think after 2020, one thing we can all appreciate is how precious our family & friends are to us… and how sweet it is to be TOGETHER making memories.

A little background: My Grandma and Grandpa Womochil’s farm is one of the most serene places in the world. Their driveway consists of a mile plus long curvy road, referred to as “the lane.” As you enter the farm and drive past cattle, corn bins, and rolling fields, it’s like stepping away from the world for a minute. I never lived there, but I still consider it a home.

My cousins and I got to go out there every summer and get a taste of being farm kids. Although we loved it, we learned a lot of lessons out there, too. Especially when we got older and they started putting us to work. 🙂 Oh, the stories this place could tell!

And this is why when Kahle’s mom, Brandy, reached out to me with this idea, I was so excited and honored. Getting to capture another generation discovering this farm and idolizing Grandpa & Grandma was so good for my soul. Kahle, my cousin’s little one, absolutely adores his great grandpa Gene, or his “Papa.” Kahle’s grandpa, Gene Jr, passed away not too long before Kahle was born, which makes the bond these two have even more special.

Thanks SO much Brandy Womochil for making this happen! Kahle will love having these photos to look back on, and so will the rest of the family!

  1. Janice Smith says:

    Your Grandma Annie is my husbands cousin. Love the pictures and love your Grandma and Grandpa.

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